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IBA Facial & Body Faradic Course

The Faradic Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the ultimate stand-alone treatment to achieve the best results for weight and inch loss, it can be accompanied with an inch loss body wrap for fast guaranteed results on your waistline, hips, thighs, buttocks or arms.

Faradic EMS is a fast and effective way of re-shaping and muscle toning your body. The muscle lift waveform creates an involuntary contraction of the muscle and will target the superficial as well as deep muscles all over the body.

Superficial muscle is often hard to target through regular exercise and can be responsible for the loose appearance of the skin on the stomach, thighs and upper arms. Faradic EMS targets these muscles as well as our deep core muscles and therefore improves the skin tone and firms loose saggy skin.

Burning fat is also a welcome side effect of Faradic EMS since whenever we exercise a muscle we burn fat at the same time!

Utilizing 24 pads, placed specifically on your trouble spots primarily on the arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and back, EMS contracts over 300 times in a 45-minute session. This is the equivalent to working those same muscles at the gym for 3 hrs. For fast slimming and easy inch loss, EMS is a safe, comfortable and proven way to achieve results.

Facial & Body Faradic Course

Entry Requirements

Facial Qualified & Full Body Massage Qualified

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Once you have booked your training course you will be able to complete the theory modules for the course right away.

Once you have completed the theory modules, you can attend your practical session.

When you have successfully completed your practical training, your tutor will pass you and you will receive your GTi Accredited Certificate.

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Qualification Obtained

IBA Certificated internationally accredited by GTi

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From $700.00